Manual Book Point Mobile 80

 User Manual Guide


Please note your phone is battery embedded design with  removable back cover and battery. Unauthorized personnel are  strictly prohibited from disassembling the phone. If your phone isn’t working normally, try to restart it by pressing  and holding the Power key for at least 7 seconds until the  startup screen appears. If your phone develops a serious error and can’t be restored by  restarting it, you may need to restore factory settings by  pressing and holding the Power key and Volume up key until  the startup screen appears. Then select "reboot system now"  and press the Power key to confirm. Note: Please take care when performing such operations because they will erase personalized settings and data saved  in your phone, such as SMS, Contacts, Music, etc.  Make sure you are using a Power adapter DC 5V 2A output. We  recommend use of Pointmobile power adaptor.